Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

ABY2963 - Manila

Name of taxi: Unknown

Refuse meter overcharge

Over charging, No meter

ACJ3515 - Landmark Trinoma Supermarket taxi bay

Name of taxi: MGE

When I told the driver my destination, he said he just came from there and he’s supposed to pick up someone soon.

Refused boarding

TYS447 - Alabang

Name of taxi: Luzon

Around 6:30 pm. The Makati Supermarket called the taxi for me since the cell phone signal was not good in Alabang shopping center. The taxi driver picked me up and drove about 100 yards and requested 500 pesos for the trip back to Waltermart in Sucat when I asked him to use the meter that he turned it on and he became irritated by this suggestion. He decided to drop me off at N.Bridgeway in Alabang after complaining that there may be heavy traffic on the way back to Sucat . I gave him 55 pesos for this very short trip. The two security guards at the hotel witnessed his refusal and suggested that I should report him. Luckily, the cell phone signal became stronger on N.Bridgeway street and I was able to get a ride from Uber for 206 pesos for the same trip. I normally would not report the rude, toxic and illegal behaviors of the driver since I always discipline them myself but this taxi driver broke the camel’s back and needs to do his job fully and honesty, otherwise he should get another job that is non-public relation as a janitor and where there’s no people to serve. Thank you very much for your attention.

Refused boarding, Contracting

UYD569 - Sm bicutan bldg b

Name of taxi: Manilia cab

Was only picking passenger going where he wants

Choosing passengers

PIZ768 - V.luna ext. Q.c

Name of taxi: Pov

Charging extra 100 pesos on top of fare and if we didnt agree he said that we should leave the car

Over charging, Verbal harassment