Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVZ784 - Libis

Name of taxi: Forgot

From cubao to libis at 11pm with no traffic i usually pay less than 100, this taxi did not use his meter and overcharged me by 150

Over charging, No meter

UVW667 - Jordanville Homes, Baesa, Quezon City

Name of taxi: Sturdy

My brother’s car got scratched because of this guys reckless driving and acted like he didn’t know.

Reckless driving

-- - I was picked up at GMALL, Davao City and dropped off at Abuelo's in Marfori, Davao City

Name of taxi: BellCab Taxi

I forgot my phone in the taxi cab. About 5 minutes later when I realized what happened, I called my number (from another phone, of course) it rang for at least 5 times before I was met with the “unattended and out of coverage area” bullshit. I called the Maligaya Company last night several times to inquire about the driver and all they told me was “We will just update you tomorrow Ma’am. Mag remit pa kasi sila bukas sa garage nila sa Toril. Bukas pa namin ma-contact ang manager pati driver. Mag update po kami 7am.” So I waited until morning. Since 7:30 I have been calling the number which had accommodated me last night and 3 hours later WALA PA RIN RESPONSE.

No receipt, Smelly interiors


Name of taxi: MVBS Taxi

In the incident cited above, at around 5.24 am of February 20, 2017 the undersigned passenger went down and landed in Cubao Araneta Center at the Area near Chopsticks Restaurant. Unnoticed, the undersigned passenger wallet dropped from his bag into the back seat of the taxi. The undersigned passenger was seated at the back of the Taxi Plate No. ABG 8824 Driven by Lauzon.

We contacted all the available contact number details of MVBS until finally we were able to connect with the 0922 846 2026 cell phone cited above at around 10.25 am of 20 Feb 2017. We notice other cell phone and Land Line numbers submitted by this company are inactive or possibly bogus.

The person who answered the MVBS Cell Number sounded very hostile; refused to identify himself and refused any sort of assistance in any way to the undersigned passenger when we described what had happened and what had transpired in losing our wallet. We informed the MVBS Company via that cell phone number that we accidentally left our wallet in the above cited vehicle without our noticing. We requested for assistance and aid in this particular emergency.

We were asking help that MVBS use their radio operator to Shout Out over their Taxi Radio Services to Mr. EDGAR LAUZON driving Taxi with Plate no. 8824, that in the event there was a Wallet on the Back Seat to make arrangements to return the item at the earliest time to us.

The person speaking for the company viciously refused assistance any form of cooperation in any manner or way or form in order to assist the undersigned passenger recover the lost wallet and instead even challenged us to file a report with the LTFRB instead.

It is in this way that we would like to make it of record that such kind of service exemplifies the need to enhance the Ride Sharing systems Like Grab and UBER and Suspend or Cancel the franchise of such companies of heavily derogatory and disgraceful treatment of passengers in the conduct of their business as a means of public conveyance.

What MVBS has presented to the undersigned is the hopelessness and despair of passengers who avail of these highly supervised and regulated companies of questionable reputation, who have secured mandate from the LTFRB as vehicles and commuters of public conveyance. It clearly embarrasses the regulation processes of the LTFRB in issuance of franchise privileges to such companies whose services to unwary passengers borders on banditry and opportunistic brigandage and piracy. The actions displayed by MVBS borders on Criminal intent to dishonestly and maliciously harm passengers who unwittingly leave materials in their Taxi vehicles by accident .

Left behind items

TYU182 - Sea residences to terminal 3

Name of taxi: Not checked

I did not noticed that he did not turn the meter on. When he dropped me off, he said 500 pesos. I asked him why it’s too much coz grab charged me 170 only(I gave tip of course). He answered, “malayo kasi”. I told him na sana, he turned the meter on para walangproblema. He then said na 300 nalang. I gave him 200 and grabbed my cell phone, took a picture of his plate number. He drove fast to leave to area coz people are coming when they heard my voice and there was a security guard in the scene.

Over charging