Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines


What is Taxikick?

Taxikick is a simple web app that helps Filipino commuters to report abusive taxi drivers.

How Taxikick works?

  • Log your report here.
  • Taxikick will forward your report to LTFRB.
  • LTFRB will contact you about your report.

Can I report via Twitter or Facebook?

No. All reports should be logged on Taxikick website.

Do I need to sign up?

No need.

What will happen after I reported to Taxikick?

Every day, Taxikick will send a consolidated email report to LTFRB. They will take the appropriate action on each complaint and they might contact you for further details. Please take note that LTFRB needs your cooperation by attending a hearing/s in some incidents.

Can I follow up up my report?

Of course. You may send a separate email at [email protected] or text/call LTFRB’s hotline at 4592129/09214487777.

Will Taxikick charge me any fees?

We are serious, Taxikick is FREE.

Who are the people behind Taxikick?

Two college friends. Ben and Jep.

How can I reach them?

You can always reach them at [email protected].

I have feedback and awesome ideas!

Share it to us! Visit our community feedback page.

Is there anything I need to know?

Check out the public FAQs presentation of LTFRB.

Thanks for reading!