Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

Name of taxi: H-273 (yellow airport metered taxi)

Incident date: Feb 25, 2017. Time approx 12.15pm. Route: NAIA Terminal 1 Arrivals to Bel Air 3 Village, Makati via new Skyway / EDSA at Magallenes to Estrella Street. Problem: Charge was PHP858. Official Receipt was printed which states distance = 58.6km.

When we got into the taxi, the driver thought we were tourists and hence made the meter clock up additional distance very fast. I was suspicious because the meter was adding pesos way too quickly. When we got home the driver tried to charge us PHP858 which is what the meter showed. I challenged the driver because the route should only be around PHP300 (from previous experience). The driver got very defensive. When we said we would report him he said he would accept the PHP300 we usually pay. I have photographic evidence of the meter reading, the taxi and the driver himself. I also have the OR that he printed out, and the 2 ORs from going over the new Skyway.

This kind of overcharging and ripping off tourists is disgusting and would not be tolerated in any other country, where tourists are usually valued and respected.

Over charging, Tampered or broken meter