Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

Name of taxi: ramz raniel -cel #09435404296

i took a cab at Tungko, CSJDM, Bulacan wanting to get in the office faster. the cab driver agreed to my destination and started the meter. then he said that he will be getting one more passenger to minimize his loss for the fare because there is possibility of heavy traffic along the way. as a courtesy i agreed on his deal, without any question. i noticed him keep on making gestures of disappointment like head swaying and tsk, tsk sound. while he is driving he asked how much is my usual fare i answered 300+. he said that we will close the deal at 350 and he will pick up another passenger for compensation on traffic. to avoid conflict i agreed assuming that there is a possibility of heavy traffic due to sona and road constructions. along the way i saw my officemate waiting for a ride. i asked kuya driver if my officemate can be his 2nd passenger so that we do not have to pick up any strangers. he with a louder irritated tone he agreed increasing the fare to 450. with no choice i agreed as well.

on our travel miraculously there is no traffic congestion. nearing cubao, i asked him if he could consider lowering our fare back to P350 because the travel was light and no traffic along the way. he then answered in a loud irritated voice that we still need to follow the agreed contract of 450. we huddle for a bit eventually he lowered it to 400.

in addition to this disappointment he planned to have us get out of the taxi far from the drop-off location.

Over charging, Contracting