Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

VX515 - Cagayan de Oro City

Name of taxi: NA

Good Morning, My name is Mary Ann Felecia. Gusto lang nako i report ang taxi driver aning nga plate number VX 515. Gikan ko ug Gaisano Mall nangompra , of course bug at kaau akong mga dala.. I was not expecting that I don’t have any other bill but 500 pesos. When I reach to my destination in Lapasan and give him my fare, he then complained that he don’t have a change for my ₱500 and shouted “Ayaw nalang ug plite!” Wala kay batasan?. How does a taxi driver could treat their customer that way? Daghan kaau ug tawo niya iya ko shagit shagitan. I hope we can give lessons to this type pf drivers.

Rude behavior