Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UWJ226 - Cetris q. Ave and Masabong QC

Name of taxi: Divine Glory

When I got into his taxi and telling him which way we would take, he keeps on complaining and telling me that it is traffic there. I told him that it is not since it is just 6 am and that there no traffic. He is rude and keeps on insisting his decision, so i got tired of arguing and let him be but he decided to follow my instructions instead.

When i got to my destination my total bill was 89 pesos, my money was 100 pesos and because of his tude behavior i waited for my change..

He did not give it to me and told me that i should not take the change because our house was inside our brgy.

I was so pissed off and got out of the cab and banged the door od his cab.

Rude behavior, Not giving exact change