Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UWK258 - BGC going to Kalayaan Ave

Name of taxi: MORI


I rode a taxi from BGC to Kalayaan ave. Just a 15min walk. While I was already inside the taxi, the driver asked another passenger to hop on. The other passenger is going to Makati. When we were nearing my apartment, I asked the driver to take a u-turn before exiting to edsa, since my apartment is on the other side. He then complained that it will be a hassle because the other passenger is going to makati. So since i don’t want to argue, I just asked him to just drop me off the side of the road. When I was paying, my fare was 61 so I gave him a hundred peso bill but he doesn’t want to give me my change and got mad because I’m not going down and is waiting for my change.

Over charging, Rude behavior