Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVW959 - Mckinley to Paco route but I left the taxi on Makati Buendia.

Name of taxi: Gerose

I waz really tired and need to go home. This driver playing like he doesn’t know the traffic flow and the destination. I get on the Cab in Two Wolrd Square advise him to drop me off at Paco Manila are in West Zamora. Strange thing about that cab that it has a very fast meter. I usually paying 200 max even there’s traffic but I was still Makati Buendia the meter is already in 205. I was too tired to keep an eye on everything but as far as I can remember minda confused as well that for 150 worth of meter taxi we’re still not leaving BGC. To tell frankly I usually fall asleep then check the meter then the worst part like I mentioned was in Makati that he tried to go on loop on a condominium trying to act he doesn’t know the way. Kindly revoke his license of dishonesty.

Over charging, Contracting