Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

AAI7396 - Quezon City

Name of taxi: Unknown

The driver on this one was really rude, I know I’m not pretty or anything but he just had to shove it in my face that I’m ugly as fuck. I was seriously fucking offended. I was in a hurry to go pay my bills and head to school and I didn’t have much sleep that day because I’m a working student and I just got off from work and literally just took a shower at home. I asked the security guard in our place to help me get a taxi since it was taking too long to get an UBER ride. To my shock, when I finally boarded the taxi, he was all “Magandang foreigner pala ahh. Maganda ka ba?” and I was so fucking speechless like okay the guard lied just to get a taxi for me fast but why the fuck was he all scoffing and snorting at me. Kuya, to be very honest, I’m way too insecure na and my self esteem is already low to the ground. Top it all off I have anxiety and panic attacks and the way you treated me made want to cry and I was so tired that day to even say a thing. He kept on with “Maganda pala ha.” well I’m sorry I’m ugly?? I didn’t know I was joining some beauty contest just to ride a fucking taxi? You’re really way out of line and you are also picky with your passengers. Like sus ko po Kuya! Pasalamat ka po at magaling na ako sa depression and I’m over being suicidal because if I was and you did that to me, I swear to God, it was really heartbreaking to be judged and called ugly by someone who doesn’t even know you.

Choosing passengers, Rude behavior