Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVZ240 - Quezon City - Roces Ave.

Name of taxi: N/a

Hailed this cab on my way to school when I noticed he was treading a route different to what I was used to so I asked him to take a left to pass by Quezon Ave (where I normally pass) when he suddenly shouted at me, telling me I was making him pass a longer route. I told him it was the fastest route to my school and he said I was wrong, so despite knowing it’ll cost a larger fare, I agreed because I didn’t want to be shouted at even more. My school’s campus is big, so I started telling him the directions to my building but even then he’d shout at me for telling him the way. Like one time I told him “Kuya diretso lang tayo ah,” he shouted at me “OO NGA DUMIDIRETSO AKO! ANO SA TINGIN MO??” I really wish no one would ever have to experience the same with a taxi driver ever.

I wanted to get the driver’s name but he didn’t have an ID presented inside the taxi.

Rude behavior, Verbal harassment