Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

AAY4824 - NAIA terminal 3

Name of taxi: Jacregine

I came from NAIA terminal 3 and then I ride his taxi from the regular side taxi of the NAIA and when he started driving I noticed that he did not used the meter he asked me then where will be my stop.. I told him that it will be in valenzuela dalandanan.. He told me OK it will be 900 pesos charge. And then I told him what?! And he told me that it was a fixed price for Valenzuela.. I told him that its better that i ll go down and find a new taxi.. And then he said OK 600.. I told him that my taxi rate from that distance was 300+ only and then I only give additional amount afterwards.. So he told me OK 400.. I told him no I need a receipt.. Just use the meter. And then he was telling that doesn’t work that way.. So I told him I will go down and pick up a new taxi.. Then he said OK I’ll turn the meter on but you need to add 200. And then I complain regarding the aircon he said that its already set up in thermo 2 so that would be enough. I laready consumed my energy from my business trip.. But rest assured I will complain to ltfrb tomorrow.

Over charging, Contracting