Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

AAI9194 - Quirino Ave.

Name of taxi: M.G.E.

It around 12midnight. Im with my 2friends. Because it is dangerous to commute at that moment so we took a cab. So we chose the mge cause i be2live it is safe but i was wrong. I know it is wrong to do the 3drops in one journey but after 2drops, he pressed the meter hardly to restart the journey. He is so angry even though he is not talking but i can feel it. It see.s like he is feady to do a physical assault against me. I so scared at that moment. I always give me that angry look. He drive so fast and he blows horns alot. After i paid as i walk awag from him he stares at me angrily. It was a vary creepy moment. I told myself that i will not ride a taxi cab any more especially, an MGE taxi cab..😔

Reckless driving, Rude behavior