Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVV996 - Makati City

Name of taxi: AN TESS

He chose to take a longer path when I told him where to go. Also he has no ID. He also is a reckless driver.

No taxi details inside, Out of line

UWC667 - I took the taxi from Intramuros to mall of Asia

Name of taxi: Don’t know

The meter runs very fast and starts from 0 peso… i asked him since I get on the taxi whether he used the meter, he said yes but his meter run quickly. When we arrived at mall of asia he charged me at 2314.16 peso. I told him that we came here many times but maximum we paid only 250peso. He insisted to take 2314 peso… then i told him to take me to police station. He told me that i have to pay if for the price rise. Am ok but take us to the police. We have only 500 peso left, i told him as I’m leaving this country tonight. He said any currency is ok for him. I insisted i have only 500 peso. Then he is accepted… i went off to take photo of his licence plate and his face. And give him 500 peso.

Over charging, Rude behavior

TXI111 - from laon laan going to quiapo

Name of taxi: i forgot but the color of the taxi is white and the name of the taxi on the top of the car is color red and its quite unfamiliar

He was so creepy hes like talking to someone over the phone but i think he was just pretending. he looks drunk and drugged. and starting to ask creepy questions like “maam gusto mo itanan kita”

Reckless driving, Rude behavior

UVZ784 - Libis

Name of taxi: Forgot

From cubao to libis at 11pm with no traffic i usually pay less than 100, this taxi did not use his meter and overcharged me by 150

Over charging, No meter

UVW667 - Jordanville Homes, Baesa, Quezon City

Name of taxi: Sturdy

My brother’s car got scratched because of this guys reckless driving and acted like he didn’t know.

Reckless driving