Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVV294 - sm north edsa

Name of taxi: can’t remember

My bill from anapolis cubao - sm north is usually less than 100 pesos and I ride taxis everyday. Today wala akong barya so I gave this guy 500. Sabi nya wala daw syang barya so we drove past my usual drop off point papunta dun sa ibang taxi. Nagpapalit ako sa ibang drivers pero wala daw silang barya. Then sabi nya sya daw magpapapalit. pag balik nya inabutan nya ako ng 380 sabi nya 120 na daw binawas nya. sabi ko ndi mo na nga ako binaba dun sa babaan ko maglalakad pa ko tapos 120 pa ibabawas mo (eh usually less than 100 ung bill eh welga ngayon so walang traffic. there’s no way lumagpas kme ng 100. every taxi ride ko 100 binibigay ko ndi ko na kinukuha change). tapos sabi nya sakin susunod magpapapalit ka kasi sabay alis na sya.

Over charging, No receipt

UVD631 - Makati

Name of taxi: Can’t Remember

His car sound like it’s about to break down any minute. He doesn’t talk much but he looks agitated. Our fare was just 67php and we gave out a hundred. He returned 20php and said “wala akong barya eh” so we just stepped out of the taxi.

No receipt, Dirty seats & interiors

TUA1842 - Cebu

Name of taxi: Unknown

This happened around 12 noon. Me and my friend took a taxi from J centre mall to Ayala. Since it was raining, I decided to ask the taxi driver if it is okay to drop me at Ayala and proceed to my friends place which is near JY square in Lahug. When I get off the taxi, everything seems to be okay. However, my friend told me that when she arrived at the destination, the total fare was Php.148 so my friend gave him Php.160. My friend asked for a change, however the driver replied with a mad tune of voice saying that “Sakto ra ni. Naog na!” (it’s enough) and asked my friend to go down which she immediately did.

I am writing this not because I wanted to have that Php.12 change but I am writing this letter because I wanted to stop this kind of behavior.

Over charging, Rude behavior

NO - Makati

Name of taxi: Zhechivan taxi

When we ride in we heard him said “P100 lng.” So we refused and said that we would pay him per meter instead. And he shouted “Sabi Ko dahandahan Lang kasi sira ang salamin..pagbayarin ko pa Kau nyan Eh.” He arrogantly said those things in rudely, but my sister even apologized and said “sorry”. When we got out we told him “ayusin nya Salamin nya bago sya pumasada..” He go out of his car while we’re opening the gate and arrogantly shouted that he owned that taxi if we want we buy our own.. And he threatened to attack us. His full name was Christopher Bacalso Tanaya. Please do something as we were traumatized by this incident.

Rude behavior, Verbal harassment

ASA134 - Katipunan Avenue

Name of taxi: Unknown

Was not riding in said taxi but his tail light was replaced with highbeams, endangering drivers behind him. I have video proof via dashcam

Reckless driving