Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

Name of taxi: ramz raniel -cel #09435404296

i took a cab at Tungko, CSJDM, Bulacan wanting to get in the office faster. the cab driver agreed to my destination and started the meter. then he said that he will be getting one more passenger to minimize his loss for the fare because there is possibility of heavy traffic along the way. as a courtesy i agreed on his deal, without any question. i noticed him keep on making gestures of disappointment like head swaying and tsk, tsk sound. while he is driving he asked how much is my usual fare i answered 300+. he said that we will close the deal at 350 and he will pick up another passenger for compensation on traffic. to avoid conflict i agreed assuming that there is a possibility of heavy traffic due to sona and road constructions. along the way i saw my officemate waiting for a ride. i asked kuya driver if my officemate can be his 2nd passenger so that we do not have to pick up any strangers. he with a louder irritated tone he agreed increasing the fare to 450. with no choice i agreed as well.

on our travel miraculously there is no traffic congestion. nearing cubao, i asked him if he could consider lowering our fare back to P350 because the travel was light and no traffic along the way. he then answered in a loud irritated voice that we still need to follow the agreed contract of 450. we huddle for a bit eventually he lowered it to 400.

in addition to this disappointment he planned to have us get out of the taxi far from the drop-off location.

Over charging, Contracting

UWA565 - Makati to Mandaluyong

Name of taxi: forgot

took a Cab at Makati, while nearing on the Destination i said that my money is whole 200 pesos total bill was 145 pesos, he just gave me 20 pesos instead and when i ask him why? he said. “wala tayong magagawa” then he starts cursing me, i was really pissed by that time and the experience, i am not up to the change but his rude behavior can really ruin your day, i hope this report will help us to give a right mind set to those annoying taxi drivers.

Over charging, Rude behavior

TYZ970 - Sm north edsa-

Name of taxi: Reymiles

I boarded in a taxi bay (reymiles) in sm north edsa the block. I told the driver named Jesus Lopez to drive me to kingspoint subdivision-just across mindanao ave and quirino ave intersection. He told me to add ₱30 for the fare. I agreed because I dont want to argue anymore, and i have headache. The fare is ₱96 since the traffic in mindanao ave was very light than the usual ₱120. He didnt give me 20% discount for student, and didnt even gave the change for ₱140 that I gave. Hoping for a considerate action by the management.

Over charging, Contracting

ACA486 - UN Avenue

Name of taxi: Rolmerz

I was gonna ride from UN to Sta. Mesa but he asked me to pay 200 pesos instead of paying via metro.

Over charging, No meter

TYT211 - Manila Airport

Name of taxi: ?

Taxi (and accomplice) standing at pillar 19 at Manila Airport. Seemed normal at first until they kept nagging and nagging me to sign a form about service satisfaction or something before I even arrived. Additionally they kept telling me to pay before we arrived again and again stating that there was a fixed fee as it was a airport service????? No way. Cost 2500 for a 30 minute drive which should have been a 5 minute drive at most as my hotel was right next to the airport, I checked on the map. Additionally there were no details in the car or a metre ? I asked about the metre and they said no metre as if it was normal ? I made sure to get the numberplate when I left (TYT211) but I did pay as I feared for my safety. There was also no uniform or receipt. Quite unhappy, happened around 4am.

Over charging, No meter