Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UWB846 - Litex to Naia Terminal 2

Name of taxi: Unknown

sa litex terminal, all the taxi driver dont want na maghatid sa Airport, ung reason nila is traffic but I told them na always naman traffic at ska sobrang malayo daw kaya lugi sila pag meter. Papayag cla maghatid pag kontrata 600 from litex to naia T2, since no choice kami, pumayag na kami. Travel duration is 1 hr and 30mins lang and upon checking 400+ lang sa meter (nakakpanghinayang!). Pagkabayad ko ng 1,000 sinuklian ako ng 300 sabi ko bkit 300 lang ung sukli nya ang usapan is 600 lang tapos ang sama pa ng loob ng driver pagkabigay ng 100… I hope matanggalan ng lisensya to, ang daming ganitong driver na mapagsamantala.

Over charging, No meter

UVT203 - McKinley Road

Name of taxi: Didnt see

The retarded driver looks like he is under the influence. He keeps on asking if I have a boyfriend and if there is someone courting me. I already said I have a boyfriend and he insists if its okay to court me and keeps on saying malicious things. Then my phone rang and he shouted “nag mckinley kami natraffic magantay ka dyan” he shouted during the call.

I dont know if this site even works. He is definitely drugged.

Rude behavior, Not in uniform

AJA1363 - Paseo de Roxas Makati

Name of taxi: D’Avis Taxi

The driver slowed in traffic for me to get in.

Once in he demanded a fixed and very high price for transport to my destination. When I asked him to turn the meter on he refused and asked me to get out.

When I responded this was illegal he became upset.

Refused boarding, Contracting

UVN116 - mall of asia

Name of taxi: Unknown

refusing to drop the passenger on his/her designated drop off location

Rude behavior

UWL-198 - From Project 3, Quezon City going to Riverbank Marikina

Name of taxi: BDKC

Nov.,15 2017, around 2:30PM, my wife rode the said taxi cab accompanied by her mother and a yaya together with my 6 yr old and 1 1/2 yr old sons. My son’s stroller was brought and placed at the taxi’s back compartment. They arrived in Riverbank and all had already stepped down out of the taxi, they requested the taxi driver to open it’s back compartment but instead the taxi driver sped away immediately inspite of my wife’s tapping the cab and shouting at the driver. we don’t want to think that this is intentional or not. But Mr. taxi Driver, please coordinate thru Barangay Duyan-duyan with Tel. No. 421-90-80, c/o Barangay Kagawad Andy S. Gonzales or Barangay Secretary Thea Acejas.

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