Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

TYZ225 - MOA Complex

Name of taxi: LBR

Driver charging on a per head basis. From MOA Complex to EDSA LRT, 25/head, since there were 4 of us he was expecting 100, when it only usually costs us 80-90. To add to that he was even taunting us saying: “lugi kayo? sabihin nyo kung lugi pa kayo?” we weren’t answering at first but he kept on repeating himself: “sabihin nyo, lugi kayo?” and so one of us answered: “oo kuya lugi kame, ok na?” it did not stop there because he said: “lugi layo, edi baba nalang kayo!” we said: “sige kuya baba nalang kame, pakitabi nalang” however he sped off (still inside MOA complex). we insisted to for him to pull over and we went down.

Over charging, Contracting

ABG1317 - Makati City

Name of taxi: Pollane Taxi

Driver insists that flag down rate already increased.

Over charging, Rude behavior

AEB4755 - Cebu city

Name of taxi: I forgot

This driver is very rude and disrespectful. He keeps on using foul languages since he doesnt like the street. he keeps on bad mouthing that the street where i live sucks and will never ever want to drove passanger ever again! This driver needs GRMC training!

Rude behavior

TXK751 - Pasig City

Name of taxi: ECIMYK

i hailed the cab near pasig city hall and advised the driver i would need to go to eastwood city, qc. instead of turning left and going the way to Bg. Ilog Pasig> C5 (which is the most efficient way for us) he turned right and followed the route for jeepneys. i told him to follow the route i advised him as it would only take us farther if he follows the jeepney route- and whats the point of hailing a cab which is more expensive that a jeepney if we will just follow the route of the normal jeepney travel? then the driver started being angry with me, raising his voice and raising his point that he did not made “kontrata” with me, etc. i explained to him that the route i told him is faster and that he should have followed it as it is the usual route i have whenever i take the cab to work. then suddenly he blurted out “bumaba na kayo” thats the time i raised my voice and said “wag mo ako ibababa dito sa alanganin na lugar pinara kta sa maayos na lugar subukan mo”. after his shouting and his arguments i went down in pasig rotonda and told him “see you in LTFRB”

Rude behavior, No seatbelts

AHA7065 - Mayhapis,Gil Puyat Makati City

Name of taxi: KingArt

He keeps on asking to give extra 50 pesos on top of the meter charge,

Over charging