Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVC954 - Pres. Quirino Ave

Name of taxi: JOHN MATTHEW

Taxi was cut by a private vehicle which upset the taxi driver. He went all out aggressive and offensive on the road. I was pleading him to just leave it be and if he could just let me out of the car. He kept on his crazy driving as if not hearing anything. He finally hit the brakes at a traffic light at which i immediately got off the taxi. I was so scared.

Reckless driving, Rude behavior

ACJ3469 - Bacood-Mandaluyong Bridge

Name of taxi: Unknown

Staying at the yellow box (intersection) causing more traffic, fellow motorist stopped him but he acted like he doesn’t care

Reckless driving

UNKNOWN - kamias Kalayaan to sandigan

Name of taxi: The name of the taxi driver i saw it from his phone is “Patosa”

Im paying the driver then my wallet slip from my hands and it fell to the ground of the taxi and i did not even notice it please help me ot os the only money that i have and im going to use it to pay my tuition

Left behind items

ACD5520 - Going to Coastal Pasay

Name of taxi: Princess Erika

Etong driver na toh nag hysterical pagsakay ko pa lang dhil nagrerequeat ng additional sa metro nia . I told him na mag add ako if traffic.. Nagbubunganga siasken na willing nga daw ang mga tao magbayad ng grab bkit ba daw ako nagmamatigas. Pagbaba ko pinagmumura pa ko kahit binigyan ko siang +50. napakawalang hiya ng driver na toh.. Tinakot pa kong sasaktan habang sakay ng taxi nia. Hindi ako nakakababa dhil nanginginig ako sa takot.

Over charging, Contracting

AAK255 - Robinson Galleria to J. Abad Santos, San Juan

Name of taxi: Unknown

Driver did not give change. I paid 100php for my 85php fare.

Dirty seats & interiors, Not giving exact change