Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVB936 -

Name of taxi: I dont know whats the taxi name

Otw home at project 6 glaing ust 3am in the morning. I just wanna ask the driver of the said taxi kung may naiwan ba akong iphone 5s na case is comoflouge un lang po.

Left behind items

TYU939 - Shaw Boulevard, near Worldwide Enterprise Center

Name of taxi: TAI

Asking for Php200 rather than using a meter.


TYU814 - Quezon City

Name of taxi: 823

Meter was charging faster than normal

Tampered or broken meter

TYL251 - Ortigas, Pasig

Name of taxi: MUNICH

Refused to board passenger going to Trinoma, QC

Refused boarding

AYK726 - Baguio City, Philippines

Name of taxi:

I am the cousin of the the passengers who happened to be foreigners and are just taking a vacation in this place. These people took a taxi until they reached their destination. They paid for the taxi fare accordingly, as what was shown in the taxi meter but the taxi driver asked for more money. He said, “Pay me more!”. The passengers were just so disappointed with this kind of act and attitude from the driver.

Over charging