Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

ACG5898 - Terminal 3 to Buendia

Name of taxi: JJ Cars, Inc.

A Yellow metered Taxi and his taximeter was rigged. His taximeter charged me 278php from Terminal 3 to Buendia Jac liner terminal and it was almost 1am without traffic.

Over charging, Tampered or broken meter

AAN5473 - QC

Name of taxi: *failed to get info

07/24/17 @6:20ish PM we rode this taxi going to UP Techno Hub along with my friend, We had the Taxi enter the 2nd gate as my friend will alide to HSBC..and so I dropped my friend to HSBC and directed the driver to go to Convergys, that’s the time that he said that I should give him “dag-dag”, in verbatim “Dapat may dag-dag, kasi pina ikot-ikot nyo ko, di naman ‘to FX”, I responded “Why?, naka metro naman ho tayo”., then he didn’t stopped murmuring, he even said that nextime we should use Uber instead, and he even threatened me saying “tatandaan kita, tiga dun din lang ako sa Krus na Ligas”, which alarmed me as it may be a threat to our safety, I’ll also have this reported in our Barangay and see if we can have this Driver blottered. pleae take immediate action as this driver may cause not just inconvenience but may also serve as a threat to commuters who’s only concern is their convenience that’s why they use this kind of transportation, we’re hoping to hear from your department. thanks!

Rude behavior

295094 - Davao city

Name of taxi: Mid valley

The taxi driver was at the back of the jeepney that I am in. We are in the pedestrian lane and the driver of the jeepney that I am in was waiting for the jeepney infront to move forward since there are still passengers who are coming out from the jeepney. The taci driver was rushing and keeps on horning. When our jeepney already left the taxi wasn’t able to move because people are crossing the road. I think he was annoyed by the fact that the passengers stared at him ang got angry because of the non stop horning he does. After letting the pedestrians cross the road, he chased our jeepney and he attempted to collide with our jeepney good tjing that the jeepney driver was aware was able to avoid the accident. We, the passengers was so upset and was nervous. The jeepney driver trued to chase the taxi but he was too fast that we weren’t able to see him already. We can see in his face that he was really angry because the passengers of the jeep was straing badly at him. I think he needs to be penalize because of that

Reckless driving, Rude behavior

SCF834 - Rockwell manila

Name of taxi: unknown

my cousin and his girlfriend has been arrived in pasay city baclaran,then we decided to get taxi,and when we get the taxi ,the driver said where we then i replied to mandaluyong municipal city,the driver contract us price 250,then nothing argued with the price because we tired of the travel. in the middle of the makati the driver talk the traffic are heavythen he started to Tantrum’s again and again..then he pick his phone and start talking to someone,he not aware on anti distractive law..until we reach the rock well that supposed to be the shorcut to mandaluyong..but he pass over the brigde..then we back to makati rockwell he stop the taxi and we forced to drop the middle of the highway..

Refused boarding, Over charging

UWL382 - Heritage Hotel by Baclaran to FiveStar terminal

Name of taxi: Unknown

Driver did not turn his meter on and asked for 200 pesos for a 7-10 minute drive from Baclaran near Heritage Hotel to Five Star Bus terminal. We refused to pay and he acted rude saying that it was night that’s why the charge was 200. He added that it was our fault for just stepping inside the taxi and not asking him first of the price. I ended up paying a 100, which I think is so overpriced.

Over charging, No meter