Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines


Name of taxi: CHIKIYAKI

his touching his private many times part while looking at me.

Sexual assault

TSQ119 - Edsa MRT North Ave Station

Name of taxi: MDTSC

He refused when I told him to go to Emerald Avenue in Ortigas Center, Pasig. The traffic is even light be refused.

Refused boarding

TXP190 - Baclaran to Mckinley Hills Taguig

Name of taxi: Enchokoy

I ride the taxi around 5:25 in the morning earlier. I was running late na for work. I asked the taxi driver na dumaan sa kahit saang way na di ako malalate at dun sa mabilis lang. I always ride taxi ang fare ko is around 140 lang will not exceed 150. And ang usual na daan ko is sa Gate 3/Villamor airbase or sa Ayala. Dahil dun naman ako lage dinadaan ng mga nasakyan ko ng taxi. Yung taxi driver inikot pa ko sa kalayaan ave sa makati. Dumaan pa ng Cembo at market market. Super inikot ako ng malayo ng taxi driver, super reckless pa niya mag drive. Super na late ako sa work and ang fare ko inabot ng 183.50 Please take further action sa mga gaya niyang taxi driver na sobrang loko-loko.

Out of line

ADC1947 - Pioneer

Name of taxi: Unknown

Taxi driver refused us and when asked why, he said “maraming kalaban” after closing the door he cursed and said “tarantado”

Refused boarding, Rude behavior

TYG-115 - Pasay

Name of taxi: Ponte Elmor, Shamme/ FLSP Taxi

Got down from Genesis Bus, Pasay. Taxi was there, I ask if he has a Meter w/ Receipt, he said Yes, No further negotiations happens. I got in the Taxi at exactly 11:57pm, we arrived at MOA abt 10-15min later. He handed me the receipt & to my Surprise, it says P145.00, so I asked the driver abt it & he just said “Di ko ba nasabi ma’am, P150 pamasahe at naka pila ako”… I was about to argue with him even more, but since it was late at night and I have a kid with me, I just paid the P150 & got off the Taxi. When I later examined the receipt, it really was indeed the taxi’s but, this receipt was actually taken earlier that day at exactly 6:56-7:31a.m. (probably taken/metered from the garage & saved to use to exploit people) This happened to me before like 5x already, from Coastal mall going to the Airport & vice versa. By asking for a Receipt I was hoping I could avoid this Greedy drivers but obviously, these people have way to many tricks up their sleeves just to exploit people…

Over charging, Tampered or broken meter