Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

FJG636 - Uptown Mall BGC to BPI Buendia Center

Name of taxi: KEN-NOL

He is telling that he asked for additonal charge. But he did not mention clearly from the start. He mentioned only flag down as I know it is the standard flagdown of only php40. But then he did not give my change . The meter is only php117 and I gave php150.

Over charging, Not giving exact change

UVG794 - C5 Road near McKinley

Name of taxi: Unknown

He dropped me right in the middle of C5 road (Somewhere between McKinley and Pinagsama Village) where there is no establishment in 1:30am. He asked me to point the direction. I already said that the way is under the bridge but he said that he did not hear it. He dropped me over the bridge. He got easily annoyed and he shouted at me that I should get off his taxi.

Rude behavior, Smelly interiors

UXL578 - City garden grand hotel

Name of taxi: Jib168

Boarded this cab initially agreed to be on meter then the driver started to ask to more money and drive reckless and refuse to stop and very bad behavior please take action and need an explanation for this from the authority if not will escalate to Mmda and above

No meter, No receipt

UWC578 - Ayala, Makati. 6780 Building

Name of taxi: Cannot remember

Cab driver started shouting at me when I gave him the directions to where he is supposed to drop me off Most taxi drivers are not familiar with the place that’s why I usually give directions Then he started shouting and saying, “Dapat kasi sinabi mo na kung saan yung lugar, na-stuck pa tayo rito sa stoplight. Kung sana sinabi mo, sana dumiretso na ako. Yung ibang mga pasahero, pinagmumukhang tanga yung ibang taxi drivers eh.”

Rude behavior

ACA747 - rockwell to sta ana

Name of taxi: uno taxi

My Gf told me that this taxi driver has rude behavior he is talking in his radio (handheld transceiver) with his co taxi driver and they are having conversation regarding about his passenger (my gf). my gf heard some unusual words that are malious words like. “gsto nya daw ung mga gntong beautiful venus. d daw mars” which is referring to my gf and acting strange like he is always looking at the rear mirror to see my gf at the back. they are talking also regarding about “Mang Kanor” the name of an old person who have sex video. when my gf reach the destination and by the time she will give the payment taxi driver wants to hold his hand while giving the payment

Rude behavior, Sexual assault