Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UYC353 - Chinese embassy

Name of taxi: Unknown

Driver was rude and arrogant. Asking for additional fare.

Contracting, Rude behavior

UWB168 - Evangelista, Makati

Name of taxi: Unknown

We started the trip without using his meter and he is asking to pay 400 while we are traveling. I asked to use the meter but he refused. Usually, the distance would only costs around 180~200. Trip: Evangelista, Makati to South Hills, Makati He also lighted a cigarette while we are traveling.

Over charging, No meter

UVW768 - SGV Ayala Ave

Name of taxi: N/a

When we are already on board he demanded to add 50php in our trip and then when I refuse to add he drop me immediately on the next stop! This is a Very Greedy driver. There should be a punishment for this kind of driver! Hoping for a quick action on his undisciplined attitude!

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers

ABZ9685 - cubao to naia3

Name of taxi: holly & car

upon boarding charging me 400 abd told me that he is grab…i said we go meter, sleeping during trafic congestion magallanes area…when i was waking him up for nth time he asked me naghahabol ka ba sa oras i said no you are just sleeping that’s why i am waking u up, very rude that he was implying tjay its my fault to wake him up and denying that he was sleeping

Over charging, Reckless driving

ABT7637 - Robinsons Cybergate Tower 2

Name of taxi: Antonio Angeles Jr. Tondai Trans Inc

So, me and my colleague are going home persisted on taking a taxi instead due to grab high fare costs. I asked the driver if he is good for Vito Cruz as a destination and he agreed. Not a long after, he demanded a 50 php ‘charity’ for coffee or balut. On top of that, we asked that he should go to ayala route or jupiter route which takes us only about 150 php on average. But he insisted on going to Ortigas Manila to UN station up to the destination which he said was quicker. And so we agreed. After noticing something weird, this driver made us go circles that ended ua costing 225 php. Good thing I have an exact amount in me that this scam was further avoided

Over charging, Contracting