Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVM369 - Robinson galleria

Name of taxi:

He took a different and longer route to over charge us and was extremely rude.

Over charging, Rude behavior

UVS807 - Corner J.P. Rizal

Name of taxi: Gabbie’s Cabbie Inc

This taxi driver was apparently on his phone while driving and we were behind that taxi for a while because of its slow movement.

Texting while driving

UWE754 - Fifth Avenue Place

Name of taxi: M.G.E.

Upon boarding the taxi at Greenbelt 3 I had noticed the meter wasn’t on. I had kindly requested to turn on the meter, he turned it on and mumbled something in tagalog which was in the line of giving him more money because there’s traffic. I had refused it, saying it’s ridiculous to ask that since he’s a taxi driver and this is his job. Upon exiting the taxi my partner was kind enough to give him a 20 peso tip. He then continued asking for more money and I obviously told him he wouldn’t get any since the fare was only 96 and he received 120 pesos. He then started to yell and make threats while almost running over my feet. We immediately left, fearing for our own safety. The problem here is, that he was threatening us and now knows where we live.

Over charging, No meter

UVH201 - Eastwood

Name of taxi: MVBS

Asked for extra money apart from meter. Cited traffic .

Over charging

ARA678 - Balintawak

Name of taxi: Other

Rude taxi driver. Contracting and is not giving exact change

Over charging, No meter