Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVE737 - From monumento to muñoz

Name of taxi: Jojaykym

Usually fare from monumento to muñoz is 115 pesos.. this taxi drivers meter fared 140.. and wanted to add 20 pesos because i had my girlfriend with me who we dropped off out of the way

Tampered or broken meter

UWL693 - EDSA-Centris

Name of taxi: M.G.E.

Nagdadabog, init ng ulo, inaaway ako.

Rude behavior, Dilapidated

AAM6387 - McKinley hill

Name of taxi: Don’t know

Scolding and saying unnecessary things also saying bad words.

Rude behavior

KDY188 - divisoria cagayan de oro

Name of taxi: Unknown

rude driver and always complain about the traffic the place we’re going. reckless driving. and he’s car smells body oder. please ban this driver and get his license.

Reckless driving, Rude behavior

UVY253 - Santolan to UST

Name of taxi: Airville Taxi

Driver kept speeding throughout the trip. He also keeps shaking the taxi and seems uneasy most of the time.

Reckless driving, Not in uniform