Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

YDE890 - Subangdaku, Lopez Jaena Street, Mandaue City

Name of taxi: Nikkan

The taxi driver wants the long way and when he was told of the short way he was saying in a loud voice what if he cant turn left or what if he will be caught even though its okay to turn left in that area and we were using that route several times. Upon paying he was yelling at me that he only have 20 pesos 50 pesos for change and even instructed me to get for a change while the meter was on even if i already arrived. He even yelled at me when when I asked about the minus 10 pesos fare, he said “wala nay minus 10 ron dai”. The driver was rude and was yelling at me, also pretending not to know which route to take knowing he’s a taxi driver.

Over charging, Rude behavior

UVE475 - Sm north to sta rosa st Qc

Name of taxi: Ganal

Naiwan ko yong iphone ko sa taxi ..pllsss paki palij

Left behind items

UYB739 - Zapote Las Piñas to Katipunan Ave cor Aurora Blvd

Name of taxi: Renato

Charged 800 pesos from Zapote LP to Katipunan on an early Sunday morning trip with no traffic, without warning he was not going to turn on the meter. We know it costs 450 from Katip to Las Pinas on a night trip with moderate traffic. He looked and talked like an addict so we let him get away with it even though I am so angered (it is a family day so we chose not to argue).

Over charging, No meter

UVP710 - SM Aura Tower fo evacom

Name of taxi: Amboy

Contracting. Asking for plus 50 because it’s his bday. Ano hilo?

Contracting, Smelly interiors

GXN962 - From Mactan bridge to Sm City Cebu

Name of taxi: Forgot

From Mactan Bridge going to sm city cebu. The meter was on while on the way to sm city cebu but upon arrival he suddenly turned off the meter and demanded me to pay 150 pesos, however the usual fare from the bridge to sm city cebu will not reach 100 peso especially it was already late at night. Is that how taxi drivers treat foreign tourist? Always asking for more money? Thats really bad. Taxi drivers should really change. Seriously. Im not kidding around.

Over charging, No meter