Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines


Name of taxi: Mtec

Meter was runnung very fast. It is 17km from NAIA TERMINAL 4 to Festival Mall. We were charged P500. Flag down is 70 for first 500 meters but his meter runnuning as soon as we left the terminal. The meter was already 120 just from the Terminal 4 to the gas station at the corner. We are supposed to be charged 4 for every 300M but it appears to be more like every 200 meters. This meter was tampered.

Over charging

ABH105 - From Eastwood

Name of taxi: Unknown

Inikot ikot kami, i know alam niya yung Tandamg Sora cuz he never asked twice when we said our location. It was 3 A.M. And then when i woke up, we were already at LITEX. Tangina lang. Then, i asked if i could talk to the operator for the incident and then he hid his ID and said no need but still insisted that we were the ones to blame. Our usual fare no matter the traffic is, is from 150-170. But the metro was already 260. IMAGINE THAT. I want the driver to be suspended at least. Because i dont want more people to be abused by taxis considering that Uber is no longer available. Please contact me, I am determined to file a case.

Over charging, Rude behavior

UUT954 - Boni going to mckinley hills

Name of taxi: Wasnt able to see

I hailed taxi from boni cybergate 2. He ask where to go i said mckinley, he said plus 50. I refused to ride.


KVX310 - Cagayan de Oro City

Name of taxi: Not sure

I gave him instructions on how to get to the destination yet he did not follow and just went on his way so he can charge me more.

When he did not follow the instructions, he even slowed down his car. When he was about to speed up the pace, he noticed a Coca-Cola Truck and intentionally tried to hit the truck so he could be first on line. He was even taunting them by slowing down so the truck won’t pass by anymore.

He turned down the air conditioner and asked me the directions again. I told him politely to turn on the aircon but he did not. I wanted to stop and go out from the taxi but he gave me a threatening look. I froze. When we were almost there, He stopped for 2 minutes to call his friend who is walking on the other side of the road. I don’t want other people to experience what I’ve experienced.

Over charging, No receipt

UVY705 - Boni cybergate 2

Name of taxi: Projoey

Hailed the taxi and taxi driver ask where to go. I said mckinley and he refused.

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers