Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UVY394 - bbb marulas

Name of taxi: forgot

we try to give the exact amount flagdown rate of 10 pesos howerer the driver shout and was rude at us saying that there is no longer flagdown rate. To avoid the fight we just gave the anount he asked and after we get out the cab he immediately drove the cab violently and still shouting.

Over charging, No receipt

ACA2853 - Robinsons ermita

Name of taxi: Mge

Ride taxi in robinsons mall in taxi lane. He was asking 150 just to get nakpil st. Which only cost 60 to get there. I refused and wanted to get off and he didnt let me and ask for 100. I was keep saying i want to get off and he said di ko alam magdeal with filipino drivers and let me drop off in the unkwon street and ask to pay 40 and i just get off paying it

Over charging, No meter

UYE187 - Santolan Pasig City

Name of taxi: KEN

Refuse to pickup my colleague

Refused boarding, Rude behavior


Name of taxi: Unknown

tried to ram a private car. refused to give way

Reckless driving

GXV710 - Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu

Name of taxi: forgot

At first when i just got into his taxi, he drove his way quickly. I then noticed why is that there are no meter, he then told me that taxi drivers normally don’t have their meters at dawn. It was 2:40’s am that time when he just drove and abide the traffic rules. When we got to my destination, i paid him 100. I was waiting for the change, I then asked for a change. But he got mad, we quarrelled . But I realized it won’t end well. I’d rather report here than get hurt.

Over charging, No meter