Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

ATA7262 - Emerald Avenue, Ortigas

Name of taxi: unspecified

Taxi dropped off passengers where I was waiting for a cab. He asked me where I am going and how much Grab would charge since he noticed I was using Grab. He asked me to pay 250php. When I refused and asked to settle for 200, he rudely said, “Sige, mag-abang ka d’yan.”

Choosing passengers, Over charging

TXW994 - Landmark Makati

Name of taxi: LM Melendrez

I am already on board when he asked my destination. I said Buting and he said it is not his route. He asked me to get off his cab

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers

7CE1341 - usc talamban

Name of taxi: unspecified, interior details scratched off

total fare was 169 php. i calculated for less 10 and 20% discount and gave him 200 php expecting the total to be 128 php only. he gave me 41 php and didnt answer when i asked him why he didnt give me the discount he left hurridly before i could document his plates

Smelly interiors, No taxi details inside

UVV397 - 5th Avenue East


Me and my family are currently around 5th Avenue East and it’s kind of traffic. We were inside our car and currently waiting for the traffic to move then this taxi infront of us constantly moved back despite my father beeping unto him. Then what happened next is our car plate got hit and had scratches. Moreover, when we checked the driver’s license of the taxi driver, it’s already expired because it’s only valid til 05/13/2016 which was last May 13.

Reckless driving

TYR764 - Marikina to cogeo

Name of taxi: Unknown

Actually pauwi na kami ng 2 months old ko na baby and my friend.nasa tapat kami ng marikina sport center Then sabi ng friend ko cogeo loob sabi nya 300 raw. Wow sabi ko bawal ang MANGONTRATA ano Yang singil mo makati! Aba ang sagot ba naman mag lakad raw ako.. Siraulo bastos… Then nag hanap kami ulit ng taxi mabuti na lang mabait so manong hinatid kami ang metro ko 154.00 syempre mabait si manong binigyan ko ng 200