Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines


Name of taxi: DONTOGAN

We rode the taxi we hailed at Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City. We dropped off some of our friends along Bonifacio-General Luna Road. Our destination was at Happy Homes, Magsaysay. On our way to Happy Homes, the taxi driver started a conversation asking how was the bar we went (where he picked us up) i answered in a courteous way saying it was fine and accommodating. I then said that i was a bit alarmed at the bar because the youngest person you might see at the bar was a minor which maybe was around 14 years old. he then started to say (non verbatim in Ilocano) “that’s the good thing about them, it’s when they are most vulnerable and “itchy”” I then answered (non verbatim in Ilocano) “Manong, those kind of girls are almost like your daughter” he brushed off my comment and said (non verbatim in Ilocano) “No, i’m still young, i’m about 32 years old.” i started to confront him and say (non verbatim in Ilocano) “No, those are young girls who are vulnerable.” He just laughed and started to tell a story about a 14 year old girl who was his passenger and when he asked her where to go the young girl just answered “kahit saan po kuya ikaw bahala” and that he claimed he brought the girl to his own home which i believe is just a story of his that he made up. So I tried to calm down since me and my boardmate were near our destination. So when we arrived, i paid the cab fair and went down to help my friend then he started to talk again and said (non verbatim in Ilocano) “Aren’t you going to leave your friend?” That’s when i had enough and fought back. i said to him (non verbatim in Ilocano) “What did you just say?” he replied (non verbatim in Ilocano) “no i was just joking around you know” then i asked him to give back the fair and he started to light a cigarette and laughed and i even asked him to go to the police station with us since we were living near a police station. i asked for my boardmate’s phone to try and take a picture of the taxi and the driver but then he drove off with the passenger door still open trying to get away but luckily the security guard who was there the whole time got the plate number and the name of the taxi.

Verbal harassment, Malicious mischief

AYU140 - Baguio

Name of taxi: Unknown

Over speeding, overtaking recklessly that we almost got in an accident with another vehicle he was trying to needlessly overtake. When told to slow down, he still drove fast either way, without consideration for the passengers request. He also refused to give his ID when requested. The ID that I saw was something like a Rhandal A. Lattore

Reckless driving, Rude behavior

ACD1912 - Hailed in Cubao destined to Don Antonio, Commonwealth Ave.

Name of taxi: Unknown

Hailed the taxi from Dagupan Bus Terminal in Cubao to Don Antonio. When we arrived at our destination, the meter was at 150+ and I paid 200. I then proceeded to get my luggage from the trunk. He went out of his taxi and even asked for an additional 20 php on top of the 200. I refused and went inside our house, he stayed out yelling words outside our gate. Extremely wrong in so many levels!

He was also watching a movie from his phone while driving. It was placed in the compartment behind the steering wheel where the speedometer and gas meter is placed. He also murmurs and puts on a pissed off face during traffic that makes passengers have an uneasy experience.

Over charging, Contracting

TXZ178 - 1523 Dapitan Street, near Jollibee Dapitan

Name of taxi: Southland taxi

I hailed a taxi at around 5:30pm in Dapitan street,near Jollibee corner Lacson Street.I was about to board the taxi but it was locked. I tried opening the the front door but, he instead open the window, not the door. He asked me for my destinatiion and told him that it’s in Otis, Paco,Manila. He refused to board me and rushed forward as if I was not a passenger. I was heading home that time beccause I was tired from my classes in UST. In this abusive treatment, I need help and assitance especially to the concerned Governemnt Agency at hand. May There be Light that would shed in this dark experience.

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers

AYV310 - Baguio city

Name of taxi: Salam

It happened between 6:40-7pm, jan. 21(sunday). Driver was driving really fast, nakikipagkarera pa sa jeep. Endless overtaking for no reason. And to think the terrain of Baguio does not call for extremely fast speeds, especially when the traffic is irregular. Ang bilis niya talaga. Also, his id wasn’t displayed. His appearance: dark-skinned, thin, probably between 35-45 years old, and wearing a striped bonnet at that time.

Reckless driving