Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

UWJ226 - Cetris q. Ave and Masabong QC

Name of taxi: Divine Glory

When I got into his taxi and telling him which way we would take, he keeps on complaining and telling me that it is traffic there. I told him that it is not since it is just 6 am and that there no traffic. He is rude and keeps on insisting his decision, so i got tired of arguing and let him be but he decided to follow my instructions instead.

When i got to my destination my total bill was 89 pesos, my money was 100 pesos and because of his tude behavior i waited for my change..

He did not give it to me and told me that i should not take the change because our house was inside our brgy.

I was so pissed off and got out of the cab and banged the door od his cab.

Rude behavior, Not giving exact change

UWA434 - Greenfield to Balintawak

Name of taxi: Mr. Joy

Faster than normal waiting time.

Tampered or broken meter

UVZ252 - BGC - Makati

Name of taxi: CHRISTGEL

Asked where I was going, the door was still open he started moving the car and told me he’d agree if I add PHP 50 on top of fair.

Refused boarding, Over charging

UVK539 - Monumento Caloocan

Name of taxi: I forgot

He asked where i was going then after i mentioned my destination, he refused to board me

Refused boarding

ABQ1408 - Eton Centris to Hulo Mandaluyong

Name of taxi: VSCO

Driver asked for additional 50, I agreed. No problem. However, noticed that waiting time is very fast that usual. My reciept reflected that my ride is around 50-52 minutes with wait time 25 mins and 26 seconds. So that means 11.7 km only took 27 mins running time. Mentioned to the driver that meter was fast, he just ignored me.

Tampered or broken meter, Contracting