Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

7MC2349 - Cebu City

Name of taxi: Ego Taxi

Taxi meter was 20 to 30 pesos higher than usual. Speedometer stays at moving indicator while taxi is stopped.

Tampered or broken meter

UWD416 - BGC

Name of taxi:

Driver refused to use his taxi meter instead contracting. He wants me to pay 150 from BGC to McKinley Hills. If it’s metered I only pay around 60-70 pesos.

Choosing passengers, Over charging

WIW940 - LTO Domestic

Name of taxi:

When I said the location, driver said he doesn’t know it. I am only going to EDSA Light Residences Mandaluyong, which is along MRT - Boni. Even then he said he doesn’t know and does not drive to Mandaluyong.

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers

ABG4999 - Green Hills, San Juan City

Name of taxi: Stealth Trans Inc.

Driver was rude, impatient. Instead of words, his complaint about being stuck in the usual traffic inside the Green Hills shopping center was through rude grunts, sighs, and tsk-tsks. If he could possibly eject us, he would have done it immediately. He even instructed us to just walk through the mall to get to where we wanted to go. The nerve of this guy!!! We hired him to take us to where we had to go, not to be instructed to walk!

Rude behavior

AAK4764 - diamond jra compound rosario pasig

Name of taxi: DJTA

Nagbook ako sa grab car at na connect kay grab plate number typ460 driver ay manuel pero ang dumating ay taxi at sya daw si grab . Sya nga ang driver sa picture ni grab pero taxi gamit nya. Kaya ang charges ay 40 pesos grab reservation plus 40pesos flagdown rate then ayon meter rate na. Umabot ang bill ng 115 peso. Samantala sanay kami sa taxi 61 to 75 peso lang.

Over charging, Contracting