Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

AAN6782 - Vito Cruz

Name of taxi: Taxi

Refusing passenger to exact location

Refused boarding, Out of line

UWK-715 - Proj. 8 to Makati ave

Name of taxi: Afel & Ali

QC to Makati Ave is only around 16-18 kms. Travel time is 1 hr and 30 mins on my time. In the ticket - it’s 1 hr and 52 mins, distance of 26.1 kms!

Tampered or broken meter

UWE562 - Infront of Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife

Name of taxi: WORLD

When the empty taxi, stopped. My wife and my nephew sat down at the back seat. But when the taxi driver heard that we were about to go to Holy Spirit, QC, he told us his reasons and told us he would go to his “service” at di PA Ito nagbayad, at dapat daw sa kabila kami sumakay. All of which were all recorded in the video.

Choosing passengers

UWA735 - In front of mezza residences, aurora blvd

Name of taxi: Unknown

Refused to board us otw to tandang sora

Refused boarding

UVM408 - Housing elliptical road

Name of taxi: Unknown

Refused to take us to tandang sora.

Refused boarding