Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

TXZ988 - Robinsons Novaliches

Name of taxi: Unkown

Taxi driver refused to use the meter and just gave us an amount because he said and I quote “pila kasi to ng taxi at matagal na kame nagiintay ng pasahero”. So ibig sabihin kung matagal na siya nakapila dun mangongontrata na siya and magpapatanong base sa tagal ng inintay nya? I was with my 18 month old daughter And younger cousin so I really have no choice but to give in. Although, I made sure that I chewed him out for what he did.

Over charging, Contracting

UUZ810 - brgy.tambo, paranaque city

Name of taxi: jimlo

i told him to go to arista place paranaque and he just look at me and smiled.. while he’s driving, his mood was changed because of the traffic and told me to not open the door, he was driving so fast that i got really scared. i told him “kuya dahan dahan lang po, may anak po ako”. he just continue driving fast, i only think aout saving my life and i opened the door and jumped out of te taxi.. i thought i was gonna die that moment..

Verbal harassment

WMI417 - jp rizal brggy sto nino paranaque city

Name of taxi: denise marinelle

My wife goes to office riding taxis everyday, so zhe knew how much will it cost her from our condoto her office since it’s a regular routine for many years, when she arrived her office she was shocked to find out that the meter read double of her usual fare

Tampered or broken meter

GXR553 - Consolaction to Mandaue City

Name of taxi: Unknown

My wife took a taxi from SM Consolacion, when they approached our apartment she told him to turn left into the parking area but he said he couldn’t & it wasn’t allowed. He said he would pull over & make my wife walk with our 2 young children (3yo & 1y9m) along with what she bought - making her cross the busy street. So instead he drove down the road to a gas station, turned around & went back. He was yelling at my wife & said he is upset, that he is a brgy official & how rich she is to act that way because she has a foreigner (me). He insulted my wife, is racist towards foreigners & made my son cry.

Rude behavior, Verbal harassment

ABN5047 - Villaflores St near fooda mango cebu city

Name of taxi: CTC cebu

we told the driver that our destination will be in abellana sports complex cebu and that we have two friends that will be drop off at redemptorist church. Upon arriving at redemptorist he said he’ll be charging 40 pesos because of it and we asked him why but he didnt answer us and told us to just vacate ASAP because we didnt agree with the amount that he is charging us. We then vacated the cab but as we walk along the road he lowered his window and starts pointing finger at me and then tried to assault me. We didnt get his full name because he didnt hung his driver’s id. This happened at around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Rude behavior, Out of line