Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

A3E116 - cubao to antipolo

Name of taxi: i forgot

no meter, fixed price

Over charging, No meter

AAM8107 - Makati

Name of taxi: Ryoaki

Hailed the cab and he offered ₱250. My usual fare is only ₱103-₱106.50. When I said I’d only pay the metre fare, he drove away.

Refused boarding, Over charging

AAI9188 - Timog

Name of taxi: M.G.E.


No meter, Contracting

AAP5916 - Magsaysay cor Guerrero St

Name of taxi: Joyce Ann C. David

When I told him my destination (camp crame), he rudely left and said “Ayaw ko doon”, parang may iniiwasan..

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers

ABZ5356 - Pasong Tamo, Makati

Name of taxi: Sandok Taxi

Driver asked immediately if I add to flag down. Told him no and it’s against law. He retorted with A bawal po ba yun? And then drives rather faster and did quite sharp turns to maybe make me feel uncomfortable. Then proceeds to just drive and sound antagonistic. I felt he deliberately went the longer route so he could get a higher flag down. The whole ride, I felt insulted. No sorry or any sort of apology to me, the passenger. I tried to be polite the whole time but not rude to him.