Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

NONE - everywhere

Name of taxi: none

everytime my parents needed a taxi they always ended up with snob taxi drivers,this is very inconvenient to them because they are both senior citizens. i thought this kind of taxis are being disciplined by the law that no taxi driver should be snobs.

Refused boarding

TXT391 - Mckinley Taguig

Name of taxi: Dont know

Refused boarding as he dont like the route

Refused boarding

GXV600 - Sm seaside cebu to labangon

Name of taxi: Worldwide I think

When we got in the driver was stoppin at all times even when it’s a go signal. I asked him to please refer me as a sir not a mam(I’m a guy). He still wouldn’t call me sir. When we went off he told us that he hadn’t take shabu or crystal meth YET please check him. P.S. He slowed down our address to watch where we lived please help

Reckless driving, Rude behavior

GXV600 - Sm seaside to katipunan CEBU CITY

Name of taxi: Worldwide

Said that he hadn’t smoke shabu

No receipt, Reckless driving

AAA8656 - Aseana Pasay

Name of taxi: Not sure

I rode on the taxi then in the middle of the ride the driver suddenly told be that its on contract, not on meter. I got charged 100 instead of the usual 70(metered)

No meter, Contracting