Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

WIZ971 - Naia terminal 3 to terminal 2


We rode two taxis that were waiting in line for passengers at NAIA Terminal 3. We simply needed to transfer from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2. It was around 4 am, there was no traffic at all. On the way to Terminal 2, the taxi driver answered a phone call. It seemed to be a phone call from the other taxi driver who was driving the rest of my colleagues to Terminal 2. I did not hear what the other person said on the other side of the line but I heard our taxi driver reply “Kung magkano ang presyo mo”. About a minute after that, my colleague from the other taxi texted me to ask how much our driver is charging us for. I said “I don’t know because he is not using the meter, but I did hear him talk to someone on the phone and say ‘Kung magkano ang presyo mo’”. My colleague replied to me and said, “They are charging us 900 pesos!” I replied and asked “900 pesos for both taxis?”. He replied, “No, 900 pesos each!”. After finding out, I took photos of the driver and the plate number on the windows of the cab. I waited for us to reach Terminal 2 before I spoke with our driver to ask how much the fare is. He answered and told me “900 pesos po ma’am”. I told him I need a receipt because every expense of our trip will be reimbursed by our company. He then handed over to me two very old receipts both at the price of 450 pesos. I started to complain and informed him that he beat our bus fare all the way from Baguio which is only 600 pesos and took 4 to 5 hours of travel; while we only sat in his taxi for less then 10 minutes yet he is charging us 900 pesos. I started to take more photos of the driver’s taxi while I was ranting and then told him he can’t do that and I will pay him 200 pesos for both taxis. (Had they used the meters, our fare would not even reach 100 pesos per taxi at all). He then said I should give him 500 pesos for both taxis. He knew I was taking photos and yet he still insisted to charge me a huge amount. I gave in and gave him 500 pesos but I definitely am utterly disgraced by this incident. These kinds of drivers should not be roaming around Manila and do not deserve this kind of job at all.

Over charging, No meter

AJA7934 - Eastwood City

Name of taxi: Gryffindor, OPTR: J. ANDURA

tourist couple were dropped off after 10 minutes in the middle of the traffic before exiting Eastwood City, angry passengers said the driver told them to alight and find another cab because its already heavy traffic enroute to Ortigas around that time 7 a.m.

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers

UVC745 - Mall of Asia

Name of taxi: Brown race

He refused to take us to our destination unless we paid 300 and turned off the meter. We were in a hurry to reach terminal 4 of the airport, so we didn’t have any other choice.

Over charging, No meter

UVU595 - Santolan, Pasig

Name of taxi: Tai-Pan

It was 5:10 am, when i rode his Taxi. He said, 100 po ang bayad since nagbabayad pa po kami sa pila. Konting konsiderasyon nalang po. He said it ng pasigaw. Normal kong binabayaran is between 60-70 pesos. Since nagmamadali ako, binigay ko nalang yung gusto niya.

Over charging, No meter

TYM187 - UP Technohub

Name of taxi: Unknown

The taxi driver just opened the door on the passenger seat beside the driver and asked where would be our destination. When mentioned going to The Medical City Ortigas but refused to board me and my husband. The taxi driver just turned at the round about inside the UP Technohub and took another passenger. He thought we’ll be approaching him again he moved his taxi and opened the door shouting at my husband f*uck you.

Refused boarding