Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

AWD214 - Makati

Name of taxi: R&F

Hailed a cab, driver opened his window to ask where I’m going, I said my destination (somewhere near, no traffic, I use this route daily). He asked how much I pay to that destination. I said metre price of course. He drove away after.

Refused boarding, Contracting


Name of taxi: Erjohn Taxi

Mr. Mordeno was on his phone when I hailed his cab. We started the trip and he was unable to start the meter right away. After about a hundred meters, he ended his call. He started the meter and asked where in BGC was my destination. I was surprised that he made another call and was talking so loudly. He was shouting and I was seated just beside him. Also, it was hot inside the cab.

Reckless driving, No seatbelts

ABG1994 - Sm fairview

Name of taxi: Not known

Asked for 100 pesos (no meter) just to take me to the mall across the road. I was desperately rushing. When i said “kalokohan naman yan”, he said, “eh di maglakad ka!!” These exploiting bastards need to be taken out ASAP

Choosing passengers, Over charging

UVG519 - sm north

Name of taxi: Unknown

Refusing passengers , rude,choosing passengers

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers

UQV230 - Taft to Santa mesa

Name of taxi: Lady angeline

Is on the phone talking and texting

Refused boarding, Choosing passengers